CLEVELAND BLACKSMITHING, LLC is a community learning blacksmith shop open to all those intersted in art, blacksmithing, and project building. Located in Cleveland's historic neighborhood of Ohio City, we offer a variety of blacksmith classes, private lessons, group sessions, welding instruction, commissioned architectural ironwork and custom sculpture. 

Run by husband and wife team Gavin and Brooke Lehman, Gavin leads classes and commissioned ironwork drawing on his education and 23 years of experience as a working artisan-blacksmith. While Brooke, a professional graphic designer and creative entrepreneur, is at the forefront of business affairs. Putting her 15 year design-driven career to use, she runs marketing, programming, development, and member services. She also welds and forges.

“It is our hope that by sharing the years of knowledge and experience gained through our own working careers, we can help others explore a new craft, grow their skill-set, gain confidence, achieve goals, and have a good time learning something new!”



Gavin Lehman


As a Blacksmith for over 22 years, his work is almost exclusively hand-forged wrought iron. A product of the Rust Belt and Cleveland, Ohio few creative media could be more appropriate than iron. The products of his studio and shop are almost exclusively custom, privately commissioned ironworks ranging from railing systems to drawer pulls and everything in between. In design and direction, his work is largely based upon exploring and harmonizing relationships, both philosophical and visual.

A few select public shows are done from time to time in order to show current trends and experimental works and to sell limited runs various designer home décor, furniture, etc.

"Amongst the relationship developments relevant in my work are; harmonizing the traditional methodologies of blacksmithing with the aesthetics and ideals of contemporary design; unifying the form of an object, its surroundings and its function; and exploring the visual dualities between the organic and the mechanical. All of these relationships work towards giving each of my pieces direction and relevance within the spheres of both contemporary Art and Fine Craft. "

Gavin has a BFA in Studio Art with a minor in Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace University and is a certified welder and graduate of the Lincoln Electric Welding School.

Brooke Witt Lehman

The Blacksmith's Wife

As a professional graphic designer & creative entrepreneur living and working in Cleveland, Brooke is at the forefront of business affairs. From marketing and programming to being hands-on in the studio forging and welding, she puts her 15 year design-driven career to good use. Even though managing a makerspace / community-learning blacksmith shop is the newest venture in her career, Brooke is a creative business veteran.

Over the years, Brooke has created and launched several small product lines, owns a shamefully successful handmade Etsy shop running 9 years strong, licenses her typography and illustrations exclusively for stationery, fabric, and home decor, as well as, freelances graphic design, small business branding and startup consulting. In 2016, she also co-founded Lush & Lovely Floristry, a trending flower shop just around the corner in Ohio City.

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