Blacksmithing for the Zombie Apocalypse


What?! The zombie apocalypse is coming?! You bet it is, and if you’re lucky enough to survive the initial shock, you’ll need an array of items for protection at a moments notice. Stabbers, pokers, strikers, and jabbers are the best form of defense from flesh eating zombies, and during the month of October*, that’s exactly what we’re gonna help you make!

In this 3-hour class, you’ll hand-forge all the creative zombie defense tools you can dream up. We’ll start by covering the basics of blacksmithing; including general safety practices and the tools used in this age old craft. Next, we'll cover the basics of forging iron such as heating, stance at the anvil, and hammer swing. Then, you'll take your first crack at hammering hot metal on an anvil and get started on building your zombie defense collection.

Each student will learn different processes based on the items they design, but typical topics covered will be drawing out and tapering, bending and twisting, cutting and drifting. We’ll also have the MIG welder available for assembly, as well as, scrap leather for dressing up handles.

The ends are a little muddy because we were practicing our swing - but you too can make this, or something else like it, when you sign up for 'Blacksmithing for the Zombie Apocalypse'. ⠀

This particular piece included drawing out and tapering one end, fanning out the other end on the power hammer, and then shaping by hand. To assemble, we did a little broom stick whittling, a little leather stitching, a little drilling, and finally a little welding.


Cost includes all steel and basic shop supplies involved in introductory instruction, but feel free to bring in your own found object for modification as well. > No previous metalworking experience is necessary.

Gavin Lehman