Endless Potential by Thomas Sawyer

It's no secret that artist/photographer/videographer Thomas Sawyer is one of our most favorite creatives. We boast about his work A LOT! Thomas Sawyer is an extremely talented story teller. His mission in life is to use his talents to share his story and the stories of those around him. His energy is focused on making things that motivate, encourage, and uplift the people around him. 

In 2016, Thomas started an ongoing video series titled "Artisans" in which he captures the behind-the-scenes of artists and makers creating their work. The result is his ongoing documentary short series in which footage of artists in their studios are compounded into sleek, stylish black-and-white videos. This video series, is what lead us to Thomas in the first place.

So, when Thomas came to us and wanted to film a mini-documentary in our shop in the style of Artisans - but different - we were honored, humbled, and ecstatic to play along and let him do what he does best. After we spent a few hours filming, Thomas took his footage home and went to work making magic happen. The result is phenomenal and way beyond anything we could've ever expected. Seriously. Chills, people. Chills.

After sending the video our way, Thomas said this:

"It was exactly what I needed to remind me what I loved about doing Artisans in the first place, but it also inspired me on how I could evolve it. How I can make it even better than the first set of videos."


So, without further ado, here is Endless Potential, Artisans S2E1...

Gavin Lehman