Our Sponsored Veteran is.....

Back in November when we decided to setup a Sponsor a Veteran fund for #givingtuesday we had no particular person in mind and no idea how we were going to select a Vet. We just knew we wanted to pitch in where we could and help a brother or sister out during the holidays. So we launched the scholarship fund, matched your donations dollar for dollar, and figured we’d know who this idea was meant for upon meeting them. 


Well it didn’t take long! That same exact night (no lie!) - literally on the eve of #givingtuesday - we met BJ @pbrkiller for the first time. BJ is friends with our welder and good friend, Vicki @tattooedvicki and he stopped in to visit during members night. After becoming fast friends with BJ ourselves, we learned that he served in the US Marine Corps infantry for 4 years mostly in Afghanistan, Hawaii, and Washington state.

That’s when we knew
we found our guy!

So, we invited BJ to our holiday party and presented him with the scholarship - thigh slapping drumroll and all.

With your help, we were able to raise enough funds to cover the cost of 1 private lesson with Gavin and 6 independent studio membership nights for BJ to work in the shop. It is widely known that the practice of a craft promotes relaxation, relief from stress, increased happiness, and reduced anxiety… and what Veteran doesn’t deserve that?!

So, thank you again to everyone that donated! We accept on going donations to this fund. Once we have an amount collected that’s enough to pass on the gift of blacksmithing to another Veteran, we will do so and always let you know here. If you’d like to contribute, use the link below:

Gavin Lehman