Custom Nautical Railings

A custom home builder contacted us with a request for a some railings for his current project.

Railings are a common request for a shop like ours and this one sounded out of the ordinary and a potentially interesting build. One of the hidden gems of this beautiful home in the woods is a very small, almost secret, crows-nest type room at the very top of the structure.


By the time we were contacted for the ironwork, the room had already taken on a tasteful nautical theme. The home owner acquired a giant antique brass porthole window from a ship. The builder was able to fit the ship’s window into the exterior wall at the bottom of the steps to the crows nest.


Another interesting aspect of this custom railing, was the set of steps that lead up to the crows nest. The steepness was reminiscent of a set of ship steps that leads from a cabin to upper deck. They were almost like climbing a ladder on the way up.


Overall, the builder and the homeowners absolutely LOVED the finished product, and to us, that's really what counts.

Gavin Lehman