When learning Blacksmithing, you are learning a new craft and art form. Your first class is simply designed to 'get your feet wet.' You will come away with the awesome new experience of hammering and forming hot iron and you'll even make a small finished piece or two. Blacksmithing is a craft enjoyed and honed over a lifetime. It is important to remember, like with any craft, proficiency comes with time and practice. Eight-week courses are the standard at institutions such as the Cleveland Institute of Art because it takes ongoing study to learn solid fundamentals with a variety of new tools and techniques and to come away with a completed project. Students are welcome as often as they'd like to forge and as the shop calendar permits.

For the keenly interested, I strongly suggest multiple classes to save yourself money on shop time. In 3-4 classes you should be becoming comfortable with the hammer, anvil and hot iron. In 6-8 classes, you can reasonably expect to complete a beginner's project or a variety of small items. Over various classes, you will learn to use more new tools like welders, torches, drills, etc...

I am always open to projects that students have in mind. I can also provide copious material to get inspired on choosing a project. 

I offer one-on-one instruction for individually enrolled students, but couples and groups are always welcome. There are more than enough heat and hammers to go around!

Where is the shop?

Where do I park?

During daytime business hours:

We are conveniently located in the Fulton Ct. alley just a 1/2 block north of Lorain. You can park on Lorain Ave, Randall Road, Bridge Ave. or W. 38th St. and walk only a 1/2 block to our shop. There is also a public lot at the intersection of Lorain/W. 38th St./Fulton Road/Fulton Pl. next to Fridrich Bicycle. 

For evening and weekend classes:

The generous folks at Suburban Press have offered us their parking lot on Fulton Ct. immediately to the east of our building. Please be kind to their parking lot. We'd like to be their fiends for a long time.

*As a precaution, please do not park in the lot immediately to the west of our building. That is a private lot and you will be asked to move.

Where do I sign up?

You can visit us on Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.com/o/cleveland-blacksmithing-16496893526 to view our upcoming schedule and purchase tickets.

If you're a member of Meetup, you can also few our schedule of classes here:

For one-on-one or private group instruction, you can book your session here.

How much are classes?

Cost will vary based on time and topic. One-time beginner classes start at $88 for a 3-hour session where you'll take your first crack at hammering hot metal on an anvil. From there, we offer a variety of options from 3-week Introductory and Intermediate courses to full-day Intensive Workshops, as well as, private instruction to assist with your project ideas.

Cost includes all steel, fuel, welding consumables and other shop supplies involved in introductory instruction. Larger, more ambitious projects require that you purchase steel and propane as fitting the project...or bring your own!

Oops! I need to reschedule my class. How do I do that?

Scheduling conflicts happen! If you need to reschedule your class, regardless of where you purchased it, please contact us ASAP and we will work together. There will be a $20 rescheduling fee to cover our time in facilitating the change for you. We will invoice you the $20 fee via email and your new time will be confirmed upon receipt of that online payment.

Gift Certificates?

You bet! The gift of Blacksmithing is one not soon forgotten!  To purchase a Cleveland Blacksmithing gift certificate, purchase a class or private session and contact me here to request a printable gift certificate.

What should I bring and what should I wear?

• Closed-toe shoes...leather boots preferred.

• Clear safety glasses if you have them or want to invest in a new pair for yourself, otherwise I have decent used ones.

• Non-flammable clothing (think jeans, flannels, Carhartts, etc...polyester, spandex, other synthetics; not so much)

• Fire-resistant gloves provided, feel free to bring your own.

• We have internet, so music suggestions and playable electronics are welcome.


Is there a minimum age?   

There is currently no age restriction*, but we do like to keep it to 14+ during our group classes. Students under 18 just have to have a parent or guardian sign our liability waiver at the start of the course. If under 14, we suggest a private lesson or emailing us to be put on a waitlist for kids classes coming soon.

*We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

What will we do/make?

The first couple hours are spent learning basic form of forging iron; heating, stance at the anvil, hammer swing, etc… In one-time intro classes, the take-home items usually include some useful wall hooks, simple jewelry, or fun-but-rudimentary fireplace/fire-poker/grilling/BBQ type tools, but I am always open to students’ interests. Multiple session classes expand on basics and focus on what the student is interested in!


* All information applies to Cleveland Blacksmithing only. Information and purchasing classes at other locations such as Maker Mountain Studios or Cleveland Institute of Art is handled directly through those institutions.