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Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate!

In hindsight, we should’ve taken a few group shots over the night since people were in and out…

but you get the picture! :)

Planning Ahead
We Need Your Help!

As we look into the new year and plan ahead, we'd love your feedback about our membership program.

Please use the link below and take a few minutes to answer some questions about how we can shake things up a bit. (it's totally anonymous if that helps!)



Trade for Shop Time?

Going into the new year, we’d love to offer the opportunity to practice functional shop skills to those interested in assisting Gavin during a Beginners Blacksmithing class in trade for free shop time during member nights.

Assisting during a class includes things like measuring and cutting stock, drilling holes, filing, using the torches, waxing and finishing, racking hammers, fetching and re-homing tools, and of course, chatting and laughing with all kinds of folks. {fine print: you may be asked to sweep!}

While we haven’t worked through the details quite yet, we would love to know who’s interested. If that’s you, just add your name to the form below and we’ll get in touch once we have more info.

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Congratulations to Allegra Shunk!

Allegra, who some of you have met, will be the first guest artist during our new Visiting Artist Workshop Series launching next year! Allegra forges with us on members nights a few times a month and has been working in the shop since April 2018. Workshop details to come!

Allegra is a professional working Cleveland based artist and designer creating mixed media work. She is interested in expanding the notions of function within the lived environment to include emotional and psychological narrative. With a BA in Theatrical Lighting Design from Vassar College and an MFA in 3 Dimensional Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Allegra works in a wide variety of mediums, but is particularly interested in glass, color, light, and textile. Allegra also maintains an active academic writing practice.

Visit her website here:

View her instagram here:



Tuesday and Wednesday
Any time between 4:30pm to 9:30pm

* We will be closed from Dec 22nd - Jan 14th for new year planning.


Text Gavin: 216-532-5351
Text Brooke: 216-835-8555



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