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Private Sessions

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One-on-one blacksmithing sessions are 3 hours in length. The first session will be an introductory class to learn your way around the shop and get familiar with the tools. After that we'll cover any topic you're interested in. Once paid, I will contact you to schedule.


Couples, friends, and small groups of 4 or under are always welcome. There are more than enough heat and hammers to go around! Once paid, I will contact you to schedule.


We would love to host your next event! Larger groups of 5-25 people can be booked but not everyone will get equal time and attention when hosting groups upwards of 8+ people.


Cost includes all steel, fuel, welding consumables and other shop supplies involved in introductory instruction. Larger, more ambitious projects simply require that you purchase steel and propane as fitting the project...or bring your own