Blacksmiths are notorious for fixing the things others can’t. In a disposable world, it is easy to forget that many things can be mended. Before you give up on the olden and the broken items you treasure, see if we can provide you with a repair!

From straightening things that are bent to remaking those hard to find pieces and parts, at Cleveland Blacksmithing we pride ourselves on our ability to repair and restore. Here’s a short list of ways we can help!

  • Fence repair

  • Railing repair

  • Tool repair

  • Tool sharpening

  • Equipment repair

  • Antique repair

  • Antique restoration

  • Wrought iron repair

  • Bent things straightened

  • Straightened things bent

  • Welding repair

  • Soldering repair

  • Brazing repair

  • Metal Furniture repair

  • Garden furniture repair and restoration

  • Trailer repair

  • Steel stair repair

  • Antique appliance repair

  • Antique equipment repair

  • Mobile Welding

How it works:

Just send us an email! Snap a few photos of your project, write us a brief description of what needs done and sent it to Clevelandblacksmithing@gmail.com

From there, we’ll schedule an appointment to bring your project by our Ohio City shop. If it can’t be transported, we’ll schedule one of our talented blacksmiths/technicians to come to you! Timeframes can vary greatly depending on the workload of any given week. We will give you an approximate timeframe at the time of your inquiry. Sometimes we’re able to provide same-day service, sometimes there is a wait. 

Cost varies per project with a $65 minimum.

You can always give us a call at 216-532-5351, but remember it’s loud in the shop and we don’t always hear it ring.